Where are the elephants?

“ Because we want a world with them, we seek solutions to generate sustainable habitats, where humans and wildlife can coexist in harmony.”

What we aim

“Develop resilient strategies to promote wildlife protection, the regeneration of the most vulnerable ecosystems, and the empowerment of their communities, thus achieving a balance between human beings and the environment in which they live.”

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Where do we work?

Enduimet in northern Tanzania, is a Conservation Area inhabited by the Maasai Tribe, with a complex and fragile ecosystem that houses the West Kilimanjaro elephant migration corridor.

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To achieve this

We firmly believe that this change can only be achieved through inclusive and ecological education, beneficial cultural practices and the empowerment of the communities.

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¡Save Askari!

By donating in simba project, you help protecting Kilimanjaro lion families.

Together we can prevent their disappearance!

our projects

We consider necessary to implement interlinked projects that can optimally integrate the ecological, economic and social needs of the place, allowing to develop habitats capable of supporting themselves in the future, in a continuous balance.

Udongo Project


Simba Project

Lions Protection

Asali Project

Habitat Regeneration

Elimu Project

Ecological Education

Let’s go on Safari!

Because sustainable tourism is our hallmark… be part of this project and discover a new way to explore nature in its wildest state!

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